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We understand the transition of loved ones moving into a Seniors Care can be as difficult for the family as it is for the senior. We can help. The team at Overture is committed to helping guide you through the transition and become your trusted resource partner.
If you need to talk with someone who understands the processes you must go through and provide you with information to make the decision-making process easier. Our senior living counselors are here to help you and your family make the right decisions for everyone involved.

Who we are

Overture Investments Inc. and Overture Retirement Living Inc. are private Canadian companies founded by Don McLeod, with Thomas Crump as Chairman of the Board. Cumulatively Tom and Don have over 60 years of experience in the delivery of Health Care and the technology that delivers Health Care. Mike Rathbone brings a career of Human Resource Management and Corporate Development experience to the company. Their collective extensive experience enables Overture to meet the changing needs of seniors by utilizing new and unique concepts and delivering a “Person-Centered” care experience.

having the conversation

Talking about the “Elephant in the room” is typically awkward enough. Talking about the “Senior in the room”, and the right time for them to move into some form of senior residential care, and you have the potential of an extremely challenging and awkward conversation!

A key element to “having the talk” is the timing.

When seniors live on their own the signs of when to “have the talk” are a lot more evident. When they live with relatives or friends the signs are sometimes harder to detect.

Visits can be the time when a family realizes that elderly parents or grandparents aren’t coping with getting older as well as they had hoped. There may be red flags like piles of unopened mail, dirty homes or a refrigerator that is almost empty. It may be apparent that hygiene and grooming are becoming a challenge. A sudden flurry of trips to the ER is also a good indicator that their health is declining and added care or support is needed.

Before you bring up the topic, take a look at tips from seasoned caregivers that might ensure your conversation yields the outcome you’re looking for:

  • Come from a place of compassion.
  • Put yourself in your loved one’s shoes and empathize with their feelings surrounding change.
  • Listen to their concerns and validate them as normal.
  • Choose the right time. Many seniors are calmer and have more energy in the morning. A good time to broach the subject may be after you’ve all had a good breakfast and everyone’s feeling comfortable.
  • Watch for natural conversational starting points. If your mom discusses a neighbor who fell while cleaning and is recuperating, ask her what she would do if she fell and ask, “Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone come in and clean?”
  • Share your own feelings. Let your loved one know that having someone looking out for them would ease your stress level and enhance your well-being, knowing they are safe.
  • Include your loved one in the decision-making process. If you reach a point where your loved one acknowledges they could use some help, reassure them that they are still in control. Participating in finding the right solution will help in making the transition a comfortable experience.
  • Use independence as motivation. Remind your loved one that with the help of a professional caregiver, they will be able to go out and about, and spend more time doing the things they enjoy —in short, they will enjoy more freedom.
  • Focus on their continued physical and mental health. Professional care promotes the best possible future health outcome.
  • Social well-being is another key factor. Often the elderly feel abandoned, lonely or useless. Show them how being amongst other like-minded people they could develop new social circles, be more active and continue to contribute to those around them.

While they’re still healthy, ask your parents what their plans are, should they ever become unable to manage on their own. A series of smaller conversations is always preferable to being forced into having the “big talk.”

Our Residences

Overture Living will provide independent seniors with elegant and sophisticated lifestyle living suites that are thoughtfully designed and well-appointed to provide comfort, security, care and the opportunity to focus on the things in life that bring joy and fulfillment.

A residence that will enable seniors to “age in place” by offering a wider array of services and amenities supplemented by “as needed” daily living assistance that prevents residents from having to move to another residence as they age.

Overture Living has also created a unique design which optimizes living space for People with Alzheimer’s disease and Related Dementias. Implementing cutting-edge care methodologies for Dementia and Alzheimer’s care from “Dementia Care Matters of the UK”, together with design criteria recommended by the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America, Overture Living has created a living space unlike any other at this time. Residents will live life to the fullest of their abilities in an environment in which they are heard, respected and treated as a family member.

 Overture Living – “A Model of Residential Care”

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