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memory care

By implementing the “Butterfly” Care Home philosophy residents who have a dementia will be seen, listened to and cared for as a person with feelings, memories and a life to be lived. “Butterfly” started in England and is now the methodology of choice for progressive Memory Care homes worldwide.
In Overture Living, the clinical tasks will be in the background. Caregivers will be the center of resident contact and leadership will be constantly engaged with residents. Residents will live in homes of fourteen, each with their own private room, meals will be informal and personal, laughter, tears, joy and happiness will be signs of good living. In Overture Living “Dementia Care” matters, and residents’ happiness will come first.

Overture Living’s Memory Care Services are focused on the individual resident. Our aim is to provide a safe, familiar, yet stimulating and supportive environment. Our team members are trained to value each resident and to recognize their individuality and requirements while respecting their privacy. We know that memory loss affects every person differently, therefore we focus on understanding each individual community member to provide personalized memory care.

Our professional team is dedicated to maintaining the dignity and individuality of every resident, providing them and their families with the support they require.

in residence meal preparation

Meals for Memory Care residents will be partially prepared in-suite.
Each residence will have a central kitchen where residents will be encouraged by staff to participate in meal preparation under supervised conditions.
This social activity will engage those who are still able and bring about a “sense of purpose” and normality to daily life.

Group dining

Residents will share meal times in the communal dining area.
This is a time where residents can share meals as well as social interaction. Staff will provide support as needed with feeding of those who are less able.


Trained staff will engage residents in a range of daily activities that are specially designed to maintain mental acuity, dexterity and bring joy to residents.
Sing a-longs, games and activities will be guided by staff who are trained in engaging persons with memory care challenges.

Room cleaning

Residents will have their rooms cleaned twice weekly by our custodial teams.
Floors, walls and bathrooms will be cleaned based on a weekly schedule, and any chemicals used will be hypoallergenic and Eco-friendly.
Providing residents with a hygienic living environment will form an integral component in our holistic care approach.


All maintenance will be provided by a professional maintenance team.
Our maintenance staff will assist residents put up their own pictures and personal effects to ensure safe living conditions for all residents.

skilled nursing support

Trained and certified medical staff will be at hand to ensure the very best in care.

Memory care will be staffed 24 hours per day with quick access to ambulatory care if needed.

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